PASS Project

he PASS (Pubblica Amministrazione per lo Sviluppo del Sud Public Administration for Southern Italy Development) project is addressed to the Authorities included in the area of the Pollino National Park (the Park Authority, the Mountain Communities and the Municipalities) and, consequently, to private subjects who will later be involved in the designing of development initiatives.
This intervention comes from the need to use in the best way the opportunities offered by the European funds respecting the environment, an essential factor for a long-lasting and sustainable social and economical development. The project foresees the definition and testing of a new approach for the programming of local development interventions. This innovative approach is the expression of a programming policy based on the principles of social dialogue, of subsidiarity and of multidisciplinarity. The integrated approach represents the highly innovative element of the project which is based on the involvement and participation of all the local stakeholders as active subjects of the development process. The project is implemented by the CRAS (Centro studi Ricerche e progettazione sugli Affari Sociali research and study center and designing of social affairs) and by the WWF.



The purpose of this intervention is to improve and increase the use of EU and national funds and to develop the project abilities of the Authorities involved. The objective is to give the public operators the possibility to:

  • Acquire useful knowledge and competencies for the use and management of EU and national funds;
  • Exploit the opportunities offered by EU and national co-funding;
  • Promote sustainable development in the rural areas of the Pollino according to the social and economical vocation of the region;
  • Design and test a sustainable model of intervention to satisfy the needs of the local community;
  • Use a project model which helps the joint participation of local authorities and private operators;
  • Draw a project for local environmental resources with a systemic logic to enhance and protect them with the best use of the financial resources available.


  • Training and information seminars: the institutional subjects involved will be given the opportunity to attend thematic workshops where the following activities will be developed:
    - describe the opportunities offered by the Structural Funds, by the various EU, national and regional funds and by the EU Initiatives;
    - supply knowledge and methodological and technical tools for the definition and evaluation of the project ideas.

Activities of technical and planning assistance and organizational consulting: all the administrators involved will play an active role in the construction of a local development project. A group of consultants will give their technical support for the design and implementation of the projects, finding out the financial resources that will help the development interventions.

Cilento N.P.:
first snow on the Monte Cervati

Authorities involved:
National Park of the Cilento and Vallo di Diano: Province of Salerno (Aldermanship of Ecology and Environment), Provincial Tourism Authority of Salerno, Municipality of San Mauro Cilento, Municipality of Laurito, Municipality of Pollica, Municipality of Moio della Civitella, Municipality of Teggiano.
Gennargentu National Park: Province of Nuoro, Mountain Community No. 9 of the province of Nuoro, Mountain Community No. 11 of the Ogliastra-Lanusei, Municipality of Fonni, Municipality of Oliena.
Pollino National Park: Pollino Park Authority, Mountain Community of the Alto Ionio, Mountain Community of the Pollino, Municipality of Morano Calabro, Municipality of Laino Castello, Municipality of Castrovillari, Municipality of Civita, Municipality of Saracena.

Gennargentu N.P.:
trekking nearby the "golfo di Orosei"
PASS Project