Innovative Enviromental Entrepreneurship
and Management Master

In 1995, the WWF, in collaboration with the IG (Imprenditorialità Giovanile – Young Entrepreneurship) organized the Innovative Environmental Entrepreneurship and Management Master, a Specialization Course for local economies. This initiative foresaw the training of two professional functions for the Italian park areas: the local development animator, offering advises and support to the local authorities and companies on development projects within or around the parks with the involvement of local communities and the entrepreneur/independent worker, for the creation of network of micro-companies based on the enhancement of local typical resources and productions. The Master courses were attended by 20 young people just graduated, residing in the "Objective 1" regions (central and southern Italy), selected among more than 500 demands sent to the WWF. The duration of the Master was of 720 hours, 240 of which were hours of lecture, 80 hours of practice sessions and 400 hours of project work implementation.

In order to help the development and spread of new entrepreneurship ideas, 5 on-field training modules were organized with study-stays by some Italian structures where integrated sustainable development programs have been started.

In order to allow the application of the methodologies and concepts learned, the participants were involved in practical intervention design and project work experiences in individual local contexts. The participants prepared specific operational projects of entrepreneurship or local animation, strictly connected with the specific situations and to the available resources. In this stage, the participants had a course tutor who assisted them from the methodological/technical point of view.


National Park of the
Gran Sasso-Monti della Laga:
"The Door of the Park"
This project defines the starting conditions of a network of companies which, in the next years, could manage orientation and fruition services of the park in one of the areas where a visitor center is going to be opened.

Project La Porta del Parco:
A.Firmani, E.Chiodo, C.Morisi

Gennargentu National Park:

This project consists of the creation of a program of itineraries in the craftsmen workshops in the municipality of Oliena to allow the visitors to meet directly the culture and local traditions.

Project S'Incontru:
M.Fiori, S.Baghino, L.Nonna, V.Marras, G.De Martis

Pollino National Park:
"On the Trails of Shepards"

The aim of this project is the promotion of green tourism in the eastern side of the Pollino with the management of two existing mountain huts and the offer of some services for the fruition of the area.

Project Sui Sentieri dei Pastori:
M.Verrascina, L.Alcaro, L.Visconti, E.Naimo

Regional Park of the Etna:

The "L.A.V.A.E.- Laboratory for the Analysis and Enhancement of the Activities in the Etna Area" is the project for the creation of a consulting and service company dealing with the coordination of integrated projects for the creation and strengthening of productive initiatives, in agreement with the objectives of the Park Authority and the needs highlighted in the area.


Project L.A.V.A.E.:
V.Asta, A.Maggiore, A.Schimmenti, L.Bandieramonte

National Park of the
Cilento-Vallo di Diano:

The project "V.E.S.T.A. – Enhancement and Development of Environmental Tourism" consists of the creation of a network of widespread hospitality, using the houses in the old centers of the villages in the National Park of the Cilento-Vallo di Diano and of the enhancement of nature and thematic trails to be developed in the area.

Project V.E.S.T.A.:
P.Donnarumma, M.De.Falco, N.Pilato, R.Barile


Innovative Enviromental Entrepreneurship and management master